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de Louvain 550 Leuvensesteenweg B-1030 Brussels 32 (0)2 735 48 18 - GMT: 1 32 (0)2 736 87 67 [email protected] is the Head Office of the Eurologos Group founded in 1977 and currently composed of a score of operational offices on four continents.The foundation of the international Eurologos network is based on the Californian principle of “glocalism” dating back to the 90s.In Vancouver, for instance, foreign ownership of condos built before 1990 stands at just two per cent.For structures completed since 2010, that number climbs to six per cent.Or with Chinese Canadians who spend part of the year outside the country?Yet even the crudest measurements suggest a breathtaking upsurge in interest that would rate Canada’s big cities on par with London and New York in the eyes of Chinese buyers.The term is a contraction of the words globalisation and localisation that indicates the essential double principle ensuring multilingual quality.

High on his list, though, was Victoria’s comfortable distance from the bustling Chinese communities of B. As Shen—betraying his limited knowledge of pre-settlement Canadian history—puts it: “We wanted a place that would allow us to live with the natives.” It’s hard not to smile at his idealism.

It has over 20 branches on 4 continents and produces its linguistic services (translation – adaptation, page layout and web publishing) in the places where the language to be dealt with is spoken.

Eurologos’s motto is “relocalise the production of languages”: all other kinds of production can be delocalised except languages... 23, Lane 258 Cao Xi Road, Xu Hui District, Shanghai, 200233 86 (0)21 6436 3747 - GMT: 8 86 (0)21 6436 1463 info[at]Eurologos Shanghai is the first Chinese branch of the Eurologos Group and is extremely proud to put itself at the disposal of the over 6,000 existing Eurologos clients that span the whole globe, as well as to introduce the benefits of the Eurologos method to a brand new market...

Yet the self-same conditions are adding handsomely to the net worth of millions of homeowners, and supporting a constellation of housing-related industries, from real estate sales to interior decoration.

They could be considered the main engine of Canada’s stop-and-go economy, and for those along for the ride—builders, property lawyers, revenue-hungry local politicians—the question isn’t so much what Chinese buyers are doing to the Canadian property market. How far we’ve travelled down this bejewelled highway is only starting to come clear.

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