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Other family members such as parents, in-laws, siblings can also write letters to discuss the effect on the effected family members.

She shielded her eyes with tortoiseshell sunglasses and carried a phone and towel in hand.

Pictured in Woman's Day passionately kissing each other at Sydney airport, the couple recently spent a week enjoying a lavish jaunt in Europe together.

On their return, Ryan announced he had 'fallen in love with Amanda.' 'We met when Amanda came in to promote her book Back On Top and I asked her out on a lunch date,' he told the SMH of the divorced mother-of-two.

Other factors which support finding extreme hardship include the effect of the separation on the family both emotionally and economically, your long history with the family and other evidence of your good moral character.

Make sure that all evidence has documentary proof where available (financial, medical, etc proof).

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