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Britain has since reached a deal with Cyprus which states that anyone arriving at the bases should be treated as though they arrived on Cypriot soil.

The Mo D spokesperson said: “We have had an agreement in place with the Republic of Cyprus since 2003 to ensure that the Cypriot authorities take responsibility in circumstances like this.

It is such a waste of a good man's life and all in the space of a few seconds," Mr Fisher said, who is married to Keith's sister Yvonne."Nobody can believe it - Keith was such a strong swimmer, he did lifesaving badges when he was younger."Keith and Julie were walking along the promenade when they saw an elderly couple in difficulty in the water and could hear the woman shouting 'help'."They rushed down to the sea and where the man was, and it was only knee high, but there must have been a strong under current because he couldn't get out."Keith went in and managed to pass him over to a lifeguard, but then the undercurrent took hold of him and he went under."It took the lifeguard 10 minutes to find him and bring him up to the surface."Keith died a hero and we are all very proud of what he did, trying to save someone's life, but we are just devastated at what happened to him."He was an absolutely brilliant man with a dry sense of humour.

He will be badly missed."His sister Paula Robjohns, 41, also hailed her brother a hero."All he would have been thinking is that he needed to help," she said.

Speaking to Sky News, sources on the island said the arrival of the refugees represented a serious security concern.Floral tributes have been laid on the beach where Keith, an electrician affectionately known as Tufty, lost his life.Speaking on behalf of the family, brother-in-law Garry Fisher, 56, said the death had shattered the family."Keith died a hero.A lifeguard who was helping with the rescue effort on the beach risked his own life to enter the water - but it was ten minutes before Keith was found and brought to the surface.Tragically, he could not be revived when the accident happened last Monday.

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