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He also did his own catalogues in the 1950s, and we thought it could be fun to use his own way of showing his work,” utlilising the yellow and green the artist used, and showcasing an illustration of his on the cover.Not only are you facing criminal penalties that are often harsher than those for a basic assault offense, you also have to deal with the unrest in your personal life, the damage to relationships, and long-term repercussions that charges like these carry.“It shows the Romanian authorities were wrong to refuse to treat us as a family.” Mr Coman added: “Romanian citizens can’t be divided into good and gay.We can’t be treated as inferior citizens, lacking equal rights, based on prejudices that some have about homosexuality.” The court is expected to make a final ruling this year.Training is provided on an array of topics including, but not limited, to advocating for victims in contact with an abusive partner or ex-partner, conflict resolution within domestic violence shelter programs, reducing rules in shelter, enhanced services to children and youth exposed to domestic violence, social media engagement, economic empowerment strategies, and effective program management, effective policy advocacy approaches, social and racial justice and more.

Huge tomes of artwork, where the curation of the show aligns with the design, combined with snippets of the artist’s life from themselves or those close to them.

“It’s also important to me that the books I do are about the artist and his or her artwork, and not about the design.” A further example of Claus’ successful approach to catalogue design is , documenting the work of Danish artist Tal R, a painter, sculptor and designer of more than 50 artist books himself.

Due to the artist’s background in publications, “we quickly decided that this book should not at all look like an artist book,” says Claus.

A gay Romanian-American couple should enjoy the same residency rights as other married couples in the European Union (EU), a top legal adviser has said in an opinion published on Thursday.

European Court of Justice Advocate General Melchior Wathelet said the key legal issue in the case of Romanian Adrian Coman and his American husband Claibourn Robert Hamilton was “not that of legalisation of marriage between persons of the same sex, but that of freedom of movement of a Union citizen”.

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About 70% of more than half a million Implicit Association Tests completed by citizens of 34 countries revealed expected implicit stereotypes associating science with males more than with females.

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