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Nyonika agreed seeing her to be daughter-in-law's cute pleading face. AS soon as Nandini sat down she was bomered by list of questions by everyone. Karan left giving medicines to Manik as Only Manik or Rishab can make her have medicines.But she asured she is fine and from back voice came. Before giving her medicines everyone had had their dinner but as soon as Nandini ate dinner she vomited which made everyone more worried.He may be very energetic in social networks via his social debts like instagram: the_parthsamthaan, twitter: laghateparth, snapchat: parth. In december of 2015, he have become declared newcomer maximum (11th vicinity) in the pinnacle 50 jap magazine of the attention.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Author's note : this story is based on a youth TV show on the amazing channel MTV named "KAISI YEH YAARIYAN" Timings of the show is pm MON-FRI for INDIANS Its recomposed by us i mean to Niyatiparikh__luv DR and purvas_luvgabbu We hope u enjoy it Everyone were sitting in the lawn.everyone looked at Nandini because she didn't answer. Next morning Madhav was the first to wake up he saw Manik and Nandini and smiled as they were trying to hide their faces in eachother to avoid sunlight.As soon as they turned towards her they saw her side hugging Manik and sleeping trying to hide her face from light of lawn lights. After Madhav everyone woke except Nandini and Aliya.Nandini because of medicine seduction and Aliya because of tiredness.Manikpicked up Nandini and took her to his room and gently on the bed and kissed her forehead.

After the screenshots of the group were released, television actors slammed Parth for creating that group.

While "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" actor Karan Patel slammed Parth in a series of tweets, Niti Taylor posted a statement on Twitter indirectly pointing out at Parth.

Apparently, the group consisted of a voice record in which Parth is abusing Niti, according to DNA.

Disheartened by the voice note, Niti indirectly lashed out at her "Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan" co-star.

In her statement, Niti mentioned about the telephonic conversation and an actor with whom she worked, but she did not name the actor.

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