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There's nearly constant strong language (including "f--k," "s--t," "c--k," "p---y," and more), as well as heavy sexual innuendo and sexual suggestion (including teens having sex in a car and brief male frontal nudity in pictures). I raised my hand, casually, still wrapped around Randi's body. Luckily, her squinted stare would break into a slightly pursed smile just as she'd move a little closer. Although I was dating other people, I was still relatively unattached and free to indulge in a little fun. I could see, over her shoulder, Vanessa sitting in the passenger seat. But decorum won, and we stepped back from each other for a moment. But the sideways glances Randi would throw at me did little to hide that she knew what I was doing.A teen girl has sex with a teen boy in the school parking lot.Nothing is shown, but the rocking car and sound effects clearly imply the action.

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