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Obradović was certain he had found the ideal spot for his life of piety at the monastery in Hopovo, 60 miles (97 km) from Temesvar.

A fellow-apprentice in his shop named Nikola Putin joined Obradović in his adventure.

His passion for the lives of the saints and his desire to become a saint himself reached their climax at this time.

The longer he was there, the more his aspiration gradually waned.

Najpoznatije autorsko delo mu je "Zivot i prikljucenija“.

After more than three years at Hopovo (where he learned Old Slavonic and classical Greek), Obradović left the monastery.

On 2 November 1760 he went to Zagreb, where he mastered Latin.

His parents died when he was a boy and he began life as an apprentice in the town of Temesvar, not too far from his village.

His passion for study was strong, and he spent his spare time reading as soon as the day's work in the shop was over.

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