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You can try to meet hookers online on this site, but expect there to be many bait and switch schemes with pics of hot girls and less attractive ones showing up. The main way that most guys find sex in Bangalore is through ‘service providers’ which are effectively pimps.They will have a network of girls and send one to meet you when you contact them. Again this takes time and finding the right contacts. Some common travel advice when going to India is don’t hope to get laid but if it happens be happy.Odds of you finding a reliable pimp on a short vacation are slim to none. You can try to hit on tourist girls for sure, but getting a quick sex with Bangalore girls will be very hard.

All image content is owned by third parties companies.So the vast majority of Indian girls are going to be extremely conservative.There are always going to be some sluts around wherever you go, but not as many here as in most places.It is considered even more taboo of a subject here then in sex prison first world countries.Girls are raised to think that it is an evil thing, until of course they are in love and then its totally cool.

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